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Color Corps

Commander's Call

We have just received the following changes from our District Marshall Pat Kelly:

"It is my pleasure to inform you of the change from the Supreme Master on wearing miniature jewels. The requirement of wearing these items only on the "lip" of the pocket has been rescinded. You are free to return to your former positioning of your Mini-Jewels above the pocket. The only comment is that the bottom of the Jewels be 1/8" - 1/4" above the "lip" of the pocket to accommodate the wearing of a name badge, when not in Color Corps Uniform."

We are still in need of Sir Knights in the Color Corps. It does not require you to be at every event, just be willing to help when you can. We have sets of Regalia available if you want to try the Corps out and not have to buy your own all at once. Please consider the Corps, it is our most visible group and we need you.

Vivat Jesus
George Fetter and Ray Garcia, Corps Commanders

Color Corps Dress Requirements

At the Providential Meeting held September 2006 in Lakewood, WA the Supreme Master through the Vice Supreme Master stressed the importance of how the Honor Guard or Color Guard is perceived by the public and has directed we adhere to the Fourth Degree Memorandum dated May 2006. Copies of the memorandum have been distributed to each member of the Guard, if you haven't received your copy yet, one is available for you. Please read the memorandum as we are going to follow it to the letter. The main points are uniformity and appearance by uniformity for example, if one member shows up without his Fourth Degree lapel pin on the tux, none of us will wear our lapel pin. Uniformity is a MUST. Appearance means neatly pressed Tux, black shoes and black socks, Cape pressed, please do not store your cape in your chapeau case. Personnel grooming, neatly trimmed hair and beard. If your cape is not the shinny satin and you’re using a loaner cape, we need to exchange with you. If you own the cloth cape, it can be redone using the satin color. Chapeau, if the color or condition has yellowed, we need to address this (this applies to white capes as well). Vests are not allowed any longer. Miniature jewels earned from the Knights of Columbus are the only ones worn and must be placed on the left breast pocket not above the pocket. These requirements only apply when in Regalia, not when wearing a tux at a social event. Worthy Sir Knights whether or nor we like these changes is not an option. Please remember the oath we all took to obey rules of the Order as well as our elected officers. If any individual has a problem regarding his equipment, please feel free to contact me as your Commander and I will due whatever I can to work with you. If any of this is a financial matter, please discuss this in private with Faithful Navigator. Because of the continued cooperation and support I receive from each of you, I know I can rely on your support of these changes.

Faithful Navigator's Notes
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  • Our general business meetings are the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.
  • Next General Business Meeting:
    September 22nd, ZOOM @ 7 pm