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Assembly Officers for 2020 - 2021

SK Paul Savino (7528), Faithful Navigator

UNASSIGNED, Faithful Captain

SK Matt Tavares (7528), Faithful Pilot
SK Lary Neville (), Faithful Pilot

SK Tom Marino (), Faithful Comptroller
SK Tom Marino (14162), Faithful Comptroller

SK Vince Mansanarez (7528), Faithful Purser
SK Steven G. Kober (), Faithful Purser

SK Fr. Tom Vandenberg (7528), Faithful Friar
UNASSIGNED, Faithful Friar

SK Joseph Wolleat (7528), Faithful Admiral
SK Joey Romero (7528), Faithful Admiral

SK Paul Savino (7528), Faithful Scribe
SK Bob Butzerin (7528), Faitful Scribe

SK Walter Aho (7908), Inside Sentinel
SK Andrew Reyes (), Inside Sentinel

SK Dennis McCullough (8079), Outside Sentinel
SK William Shell (7528), Outside Sentinel

SK Joe Penwell (7528), Trustee for 3 Years
SK Rick Lowman (7528), Trustee for 3 Years

SK Ken Baune (7528), Trustee for 2 Years
SK Matthew Tavares (), Trustee for 2 Years

SK Tony Robinson (7528), Trustee for 1 Year
SK Don Hall (), Trustee for 1 Year
Faithful Navigator's Notes
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  • Our general business meetings are the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.
  • Next General Business Meeting:
    September 22nd, ZOOM @ 7 pm